Alford Town Offices

Alford Town Offices

Alford Town Offices

5 Alford Center Road,
Alford, MA 01230-8999
Map and Directions
Open Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 1:00pm

Local Emergency Services

For All Emergencies Dial 911
For Non-Emergencies Call
Alford Fire Department 413-528-3641
Alford Police Department 413-528-5300
State Police Department 413-243-0600
Fairview Hospital 413-528-8600
Ambulance Squad 413-528-3900

Alford Town Telephone Directory

Department Contact Telephone
Animal Control Officer John Springtube 413-232-7038
(by appointment only)
Carl Degersdorff 413-528-4784
Mike Germain 413-528-1686
Frank Lauria 413-528-9238
Tammy Blackwell 413-528-9801
Board of Health Charles Ketchen 413-528-4851
Building Inspector
(Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm)
Thomas Carmody 413-528-4536
Cemetery Department Judy Durlack 413-528-0658
Tim Drumm 413-528-1833
Clerk, Voter Registrations &
Birth, Marriage, Death Records
(Thursdays 8:00am-11:30am)
Paula Doyle 413-528-4536
Conservation Commission Henry Flint 413-528-5818
Howard Wilson 413-528-2497
Peter Tucker 413-528-6005
Council On Aging
Cultural Council Joan Rogers 413-528-3398
Sue Arkans 413-528-6861
Mary Anne Hayes 413-528-1953
Finance Committee John Littlechild (Chairman) 413-528-1229
Carl Stewart 413-528-1892
Peter Scheoffer 413-528-5596
Mort Josel 413-528-5716
Joan Rogers 413-528-3398
Fire Inspector Steve Berkel (Fire Chief) 413-528-5156 (H)
413-229-2515 (W)
Garden Club Joan Rogers (President) 413-528-3398
Gas, Plumbing, Oil Burner Inspector Bob Krupski 413-229-8019
Highway Department & Tree Warden
(Weekdays 7:00am-3:00pm)
Monty Green 413-528-6327
Historic District Commission Alice Halsted 413-528-9997
Land Trust Mary Poole 413-528-8113
Librarian Lois Milligan 413-528-0272
Moderator Michael Wilcox Email
Municipal Lighting Plant Robert Lichter 413-528-9651
Planning Board Larry Gadd (Chairman) 413-528-0988
Alexandra Glover 413-528-5058
Morton Josel 413-528-5716
Raymond Wilcox, Jr. 413-528-4765
Shirley Mueller 413-528-6482
Sanitary Inspector Charles Ketchen 413-528-4851
School Committee Representative Carl Stewart 413-528-1892
Selectmen Tim Drumm 413-528-1833
Charles Ketchen 413-528-4851
Raymond Wilcox, Jr. 413-528-4765
Selectmen’s Secretary & Town Offices
(Monday-Thursday 8:00am-1:00pm)
Debbie Blackwell 413-528-4536
Southern Berkshire Elderly Transportation Cathy Walker Race 413-528-2821
Southern Berkshire Regional
School District
Undermountain Elementary 413-229-8754
Special Education Department 413-229-8265
South Egremont School 413-528-1430
New Marlborough Center 413-229-8867
Monterey School 413-528-3693
Mt. Everett High School 413-229-8734
School Superintendent 413-229-8778
Tax Collector & Treasurer Roxanne Germain 413-528-9801
Veteran’s Services Laurie Hils 413-528-1580
Wire Inspector Butch Ray 413-229-2969

State & Federal Offices

Current Elected Officials Voting Information Search
Southern Berkshire Registry of Deeds Wanda Beckwith 413-528-0146
Southern Berkshire District Court Court House 413-528-3520