Dancin’ in the District – Sept 10th

Alford Historic District Commission’s event of the year:
Suggested Donation: $10 / PERSON or $25 /FAMILY 3 OR MORE
We are reviving a long-ago tradition in Alford – Square Dancing and a meal on Saturday nights at the Town Center.
Our fall event last year was such a success!
We urge you to email for dinner reservations by August 15, so we can assemble a bountiful spread.
Alice Halsted – ebhalsted@yahoo.com
Shirley Mueller – shirleymueller@gmail.com
Join our merry band and help with plans and preparation. Put your creative skills to work!
We will need decorators, food prep. help, food servers, parking directors. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors!
The working committee is forming now –email Alice or Shirley to join our team, and don’t forget to MARK YOUR CALENDAR ! Family and friends are welcome.

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Alford Municipal Light Plant (MLP) Update

Pole-Licensing Contract Signed!

June 23, 2016

Since our update of April 4th, your Board is delighted to report that it has entered into a contract with a vendor, Comm-Tract Corporation, to manage and complete the process of working with the utility pole owners, Verizon and National Grid, to prepare the poles to accept our fiber. Acting as our agent, Comm-Tract will negotiate pole rental agreements with the pole owners and make sure that the pole owners prepare the poles properly to carry the fiber. We expect that this process will take approximately one year to complete.

Comm-Tract Corporation has long experience in this work in Massachusetts. The company is familiar with all State regulations, and has worked productively with National Grid and Verizon in the past. We are confident their ability to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

At the same time, the Board and some of its advisors met with the new MBI representatives to discuss Alford’s participation in the first round of six towns to be approved to receive MBI grants. As we have previously stated, the Board had decided to pursue an independent strategy after announcement of the MBI funding “pause” earlier this year explained why we had not gotten responses to our repeated correspondence. In our June 6th meeting we were reassured of several positive conclusions:

  • The “pause” is indeed over, and MBI is aggressively moving forward.
  • Alford is considered one of the most-ready towns, and thus has been selected for inclusion in Round 1 of negotiations for MBI support.
  • We will need to file documents proving our readiness and the soundness of our plans to install a sustainable fiber network – all steps that we have already accomplished and only need to adapt to MBI’s forms.
  • We are increasingly convinced that we will be qualified to receive our share of the funds set aside for grants for construction – or approximately $270,000 for Alford.
  • The MLP will also file an appeal with MBI to be reimbursed for some of the costs related to design, make-ready and other professional services associated with the project, even though we had decided not to use MBI in those areas, because we were forced to look elsewhere while MBI was in the “pause” mode. We intend to vigorously pursue our options related to these costs, which could help further defray the total cost of the network.

Simultaneously, we are continuing to explore the “Design/Build/Operate” option described in the previous update, where, if legally possible, we would contract with one company to do all three functions. We will likely send out an RFP later this year for such a contract.

As you can see, the Board continues to make steady progress with the assistance of the Select Board, other town officials, and several town residents who are offering useful advice. The Board has also relied on outside professionals, including special counsel, bond counsel, our financial advisor and our outside accountant. Support and encouragement from Alford residents, of course, has been invaluable.

Alford Municipal Light Plant Board
Tom Doyle
Bruce Forster
Jim Hall
Bob Lichter, Chair
Joe Nicolosi

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Please follow proper trash disposal procedures

No Illegal DumpingSome residents have been leaving trash in front of the gate at the transfer station when the gate is closed. This is not allowed; trash left in the driveway blocks emergency personnel from accessing the town garage which could create a hazardous situation. There is 24-hour video surveillance in the town center; repeat offenders will be identified and contacted by local law enforcement. We ask that you bring your trash to the transfer station when the station is open and do not leave it in the driveway. Thank you.

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Alford Spring Summer Newsletter 2016

Click to download the official Alford Spring Summer 2016 Newsletter in Adobe PDF format.

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Local Cultural Events 2016

Mass-cultural-councilThere are many exciting events taking place in our area this year, and the Alford-Egremont Cultural Council has prepared a list of these events for you; click to download the 2016 Events List with Dates in Adobe PDF format.

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