Alford Community Cafe

Alford Town Hall

Alford Town Hall

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that there will be an Alford Community Cafe this Saturday, June 13th at the Town Hall from 8:30-11 am. Please come and enjoy wonderful home baked goods by Elaine Silberstein, Sue Arkans, Sandra Josel, Deborah Jowitt, and an extraordinary fruit platter by Shirley and Paul Tepper.

In addition, there will be yet ANOTHER community cafe on Saturday, September 26. 2015, this time hosted by Mimi and Dick Alford. They will need some volunteers to help with baking, setting up and cleaning up. If you can help out, please contact them at 528-8292. It will be very much appreciated.

The cafe is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors and also to become acquainted with others who have recently moved here.

We hope to see you on Saturday, June 13th!

Many thanks,
Roberta Haas and Mary Poole

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Alford’s 2015 Election Results

Here are the results for yesterday’s election:


  • Ray Wilcox – 88 votes
  • Bill Shein – 51 votes


  • Carl DeGersdorff – 76 votes

Planning Board:

  • Alexandra Glover – 93 votes
  • Mort Josel – 93 votes


  • Mort Josel – 77 votes


  • Marion Ortwein – 67 votes
  • Susan Tomich – 73 votes


  • Michael Wilcox – 104 votes

143 voters turned up at the polls which is an excellent turnout for our town elections.

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Incumbents up for re-election in 2015

The incumbents up for re-election in 2015 are as follows…

Selectman: Raymond E. Wilcox, Jr.

Assessor: Carl DeGersdorff

Planning Board: Alexandra Glover and Morton Josel

Finance Committee: Morton Josel

Library Trustee: Marion Ortwein and Susan Tomich

Moderator: Michael Wilcox

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May 11th Selectmen’s Meeting

The Selectmen’s meeting that was scheduled for May 11th at 7:00pm has been canceled.

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Voting on May 19th & Town Newsletter

Alford Town Hall

Alford Town Hall

Voting will be at the Alford Town Hall on May 19th, and voting hours will be from 12:00 Noon to 8:00 P.M.

You can download the Alford Newsletter Spring Summer 2015 edition, and you will also receive a copy via “snail mail” very soon.

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