Fire Department

Fire Station HQ

The Alford Fire Department is a volunteer fire station, lead by Steve Berkel (the Fire Chief and Fire Inspector). Many of the volunteers are also 911 First Responders. In 2009, the members of the fire department responded to 46 emergency calls throughout the town. They also assist emergency calls in surrounding towns.

The volunteers consist of 10 fire fighters and 2 non fire fighters. Their primary equipment consists of two engines and one “truck”, which is a convert-able bus for use as a command unit, rehab unit, and ATV transport. The volunteers work hard to ensure the safety of our town’s residents. The Alford Fire Department is located on North Egremont Road in Alford. See a map and directions. You can contact the Fire Department by e-mail for non-emergency business; please call Steve (413) 528-5156 or Joe (413) 528-1855 for burning permits.

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