Highway Department

Highway Dept In-Action

The Alford Highway Department consists of two full-time employees, Monty Green (the Road Superintendent and Tree Warden) and Richard Robarge (who is also the Police Chief).

In the summer months, the highway department works on maintaining roadways, paving and patching troubled spots, as well as cutting back trees, brush and weeds along the roadsides. They also mow the roadsides, and during the mowing season they hire one or two part-time employees for mowing the town center, the main intersections, and the cemeteries. They are also on-call for windstorms and fallen trees. In the winter months, the highway department is on-call all hours of the day and night for all of the snow and ice storms, keeping the roads plowed, sanded and salted. The highway department works hard all year long to maintain the beauty and safety for all of the town’s residents.

The Highway Department is located in the town’s garage, behind the Town Hall. See a map and directions. You can contact the Highway Department by phone or by e-mail for non-emergency business.

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