Arthur’s Author Visits Alford

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It Takes a Village? To FIND a child… We are relying on our villagers to bring children to Arthur’s Author Visits Alford, August 26th at the Town Center, 1-5 p.m.

This aspect of our Family Fun day will be of interest to all of us – fans of “Arthur”, and admirers of artists. Marc Brown will demonstrate his illustration technique as he makes “Arthur” come alive in real time. So, let’s beat the bushes and round up some young folk, grandkids, neighbor kids, old kids, too.

Download the Arthur’s Author Visits Alford flier

This presentation is just one part of the Family Fun in the District event, brought to you by Alford Historic District Commission… the people who planned the Square Dance last year. Don’t miss this year’s stellar lineup – Broadway singer, Sean McDermott; Marc Brown and “Arthur”; Charles Flint and the Alford Road Show, and an Art Exhibit – “All About Alford”… and of course, treats to eat! Parking plans are in the works. Details later.