Municipal Lighting Plant

The town of Alford has limited broadband internet access; there is no cable internet service in town, DSL service is limited to a handful of residents, and cellular data coverage is spotty at best. Although satellite internet is available to many residents it is too weather-dependent and unreliable for today’s communications needs.

This triggered the creation of the Alford Broadband Committee in the mid 2000’s, a small group of concerned citizens who worked together to address the lack of broadband services in Alford. The committee established fixed wireless service from WiSpring to help serve many of the unserved residents, and the committee continued to grow in knowledge and expertise to develop a viable plan for fiber-optic broadband expansion in Alford.

The Alford Broadband Committee was disbanded in order to be re-formed into Alford’s Municipal Lighting Plant, which was officially established at the Town Hall on September 17th 2015. Since then, the MLP has continued to work diligently with the Select Board, the Town Clerk, the Town Treasurer, Town Counsel, the Town Accountant, office staff, financial and legal advisors and a few volunteers to bring Alford’s fiber-optic broadband buildout into fruition, despite the delays created by state-level funding issues and political “red tape” that often get in the way. You can contact the Municipal Lighting Plant with your questions by phone or by e-mail.

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Free Wi-Fi & Mobile Hot Spots in Alford Town Center

If you do not have internet access at your Alford residence, the town provides two free wireless hot spots for limited public use at the Alford Town Center parking lot for your convenience. The Wi-Fi hot spot works with all modern Wi-Fi enabled wireless devices. The cellular mobile hot spot is provided by Verizon Wireless, which may not work with other cellular brands.