Break down your boxes

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Breaking down boxes before you put them in the dumpster saves the town money by reducing the frequency of trips needed to have the dumpster emptied; the flatter the boxes, the more boxes will fit in the dumpster before it fills up. Smaller boxes are easier to break down and we greatly appreciate your efforts in flattening those for us, but larger boxes may be a bit more difficult for you to deal with. The easiest way to flatten larger boxes is to get a pair of gloves and to use a safe box cutter with a short blade; avoid usage of knives or any long blades, and avoid bending your house keys or breaking newer car keys. That said, let’s assume that you have some larger boxes that need to be flattened down…

  • Turn the box upside-down with the opening towards the ground/floor.
  • Align the packing tape which covers the bottom to be parallel with your arms if you extended them.
  • Place your fingers at the far end of the tape about and inch below the surface.
  • Push the box in, which should be towards you as you fold your arms back in. This temporarily opens some room between the sides of the box.
  • Run your fingers in the opening and lift up the plastic tape which normally is applied for no more than an inch or two on the sides of the box.
  • Peel the clear packing tape off from the bottom of the box… or if you must, use a safe box cutter and cut the packing tape carefully before peeling.

This effectively disassembles the box and the box can now be folded and placed flat into the dumpster to save as much room as possible.